At ATS we have supported streaming live events to the internet for many years. With the onset of this pandemic we have pivoted to better serve our customers. We offer both Wirecast and Livestream systems to virtualize your event. We can stream to a wide variety of platforms like Vimeo, Livestream, Facebook Live, Periscope, Ustream, YouTube Live, Akamai, Wowza Media Server, Twitch or any other RTMP compatible service. We can even import presenters from Zoom and make them look far more professional with your own logos and corporate branding as a backdrop.

Visit our Wirecast and Livestream page for more information and technical details or reach out to us to see how we can help you achieve a successful virtual event. We also work with event partners that can help you create custom digital agendas, breakouts, keynotes, live translation and even team building games for your virtual events, the possibilities are growing every day.