At ATS our preferred way to do dazzling widescreen video playback is the Dataton Watchout system. Combined with our Christie Spyder matrix switches it allows us the flexibility to run large LED walls and multiprojector blended images and playback live video at sizes that would crash more conventional hardware. We can even PiP powerpoint or live IMAG camera streams over it!

Our Watchpax 4 is a compact but powerful solution with up to 4 4k outputs. Its features include:

• Built-in WATCHOUT license
• Outputs – 4 x 4K (UHD) playback, DisplayPort 1.2
• Industrial-grade components, optimized for WATCHOUT
• Media storage – 1 TB (1 GB/second) for fast playback of large files
• Network – 1 Gb Ethernet for high-speed transfer of content
• Optional 4K video capture and multi-channel audio (2 x USB3 for flexibility)
• Audio output – 3.5 mm stereo
• Windows Embedded